2024 is Feline Good

2024 is Feline Good


Happy belated New Year. I have had a very slow start to 2024 after a bout of Covid but am gently easing my way back to full creative capacity. Are you a resolution or goal setter? I definitely like to have a few goals set out and for the start of this year mine is to make more art and share the process with you. 

I have a million new ideas for cards and wrap and am keen to expand my range of partyware this year. I currently sell some of my older designs on Zazzle but would love to get more stock on my website. 

Katsillustration sketchbook page card ideas  Katsillustration sketchbook page Sphinx cats Katsillustration peach cat

So here is the process, I started by sketching out a few ideas in my sketchbook and I really loved this idea of a cat birthday party. I had a strong urge to draw Sphynx cats as they have amazing eyes and ears but they didn't look very festive. I came up with a sort of hybrid shape and added a homemade, glitter texture to accentuate the eyes and ears and add details. I created 4 cats, each with their own little personality. The colour palette is inspired by a pair of Bermuda shorts that my mum made me in the 80s.

I'm calling the finished design 'Party Cats' (obviously!) A bright and fun design featuring furry party enthusiasts, decked out in their finest party hats, ready to bring a smile to your face! I have so far created a Birthday card and matching wrap and I hope to have this collection up on my website very soon.

Katsillustration Party Cats Card Katsillustration Party Cats wrap

Thanks for reading, I will be back with more creations and behind the scenes updates very soon!

Kat ☀️

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