Designs for Dudes

Designs for Dudes

Despite being a card designer, I never seem to have the right card when certain birthdays roll around. Male birthdays in particular seem to be harder for me to create for, so I decided to take that as a challenge! Inspired by people I know and the things that they like, I introduce my latest mini collection...

Cheers with Beers is a fun pattern inspired by various beer bottle and can packaging. I designed this one thinking of my husband and cousins who all would love a nice birthday beer. I am planning to get some gift wrap printed and added to Katsillustration this year and I think this is definitely going to be one of the designs included. 

Ships in Bottles is inspired by my dad and uncle who are both into sailing. Originally this was a boat design but I added the bottles so that I could bring in more colour and give the illustration a fresh and modern feel. Again this is on my list of designs for gift wrap!

Ripples is actually a recycled print from a Spoonflower design challenge. The brief was to design a pattern for a paddleboard. I have edited it to make some of the fish iridescent and silver as if the sunlight was reflecting off their backs. I have a brother in law and nephew who are keen fisherman so I thought this design would make a great card for them.


Image shows a white greetings crad with pale blue, green, black and gold abstract shapes and the words 'Happy Birthday Dude' 

Last up is this Happy Birthday Dude design. Personally I would send this to most of my friends (male or female) but it also works for younger birthdays. I loved this design so much that I have created a new set of celebration cards in the same style.. coming soon! 

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