Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

I am forever finding inspiration from the world of art and in particular; textiles, patterns, and prints. For me, these elements are not just design components but the very essence of my creative spark. I am lucky to live and work in the city of Leeds where art and inspiration are on my doorstep and I can access amazing exhibitions and events. 

Here are a few I have enjoyed recently...


'Render Me Chaotic'

The Eye Room

A solo show by Leeds based artist (and my lovely friend) Helen Dryden featuring paintings on canvas and wooden cutouts, embracing a bold, vibrant, and expressive style.


'One Night, One Dream, Life at the Lighthouse' 

The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery

Iranian born artist Mohammad Barrangi weaves a dreamlike universe from childhood memories and Persian mythology, revolving around the story of a young Iranian girl’s arrival on the English coast, and contemplating his personal experiences of migration and disability.  



'Tangled Up' 

Sunnybank Mills

Showcasing a number of textile artists and practitioners who use everyday textiles and materials to make a point, tell a story and untangle some of the complicated issues facing society.

Weaving it All Together

Visiting galleries and immersing myself in the world of textiles is like refuelling my creative engine. Each exhibition, each piece of fabric, each pattern is a thread that I weave into the larger fabric of my own artwork and illustrations. 

Thanks for joining me on this little journey through my sources of inspiration!

Kat X


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