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She Loves to Colour Vol 1 Colouring Book

She Loves to Colour Vol 1 Colouring Book

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Get ready for some sweet, nineties nostalgia with this 22 page colouring book inspired by some of the most classic rom coms!

Each page features a different scene or character from a beloved rom com, from "You've Got Mail" to "10 Things I Hate About You" to "Clueless". You'll find everything from quirky outfits to swoon-worthy love interests to memorable one-liners. With this colouring book, you can relive some of your favourite moments from these iconic movies, and add your own personal touch to the illustrations.

The illustrations are all hand-drawn and printed on high-quality paper, ensuring that your coloured creations will look vibrant and beautiful for years to come. And at 22 pages long, there's plenty to keep you busy and entertained.

Whether you're a fan of colouring books or just looking for a gift or a fun new way to unwind and tap into your creative side, our rom com colouring book is sure to delight. So grab your coloured pencils, pop in a classic rom com, and let the nostalgia wash over you.


Colouring book is A4 landscape size 29.7cm x 21cm

Printed on high quality 120gsm paper, each page illustrates a different 90s romantic comedy

Cover is full colour 250gsm card

Saddle stitched (Staple bound) for a secure finish

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